Vitiligo treatment white spots removal

Vitiligo treatment white spots removal

Vitiligo is a skin disease in which white patches grown on the skin of various parts of the body and this disease can affect anybody disregarding the age and gender of the person. There is no certain treatment of this ailment is available hence it is a disease that stays with you lifelong. There are no exact causes known for this ailment but it is said that Vitiligo happens due to autoimmune disorder in which the skin cells die and white patches are developed on the skin. This is not a contagious disease that could spread by getting in touch with affected person hence we can live with those who are suffering from this ailment. The areas that lose their colour become more sensitive to sunlight than the normal skin and this situation is called photosensitive. Vitiligo affected area is different to different people like some people will develop more area with white spots and some will have less than that. It is not certain that the white spots will increase in size and in what proportion they will increase. The time is also unpredictable for the growth of these patches. There are numerous cures available for this disease and the effectiveness of any type of cure varies from person to person. The vitiligo disease is not only considered as a cosmetic problem but it is an issue that is caused by internal problems hence it should be cured soon. We are describing a few of the best vitiligo treatments here in this article that will help you choose the best one for you: Use Sunscreen Sunscreen can save your skin from harmful sun rays that can harm the white spots developed by vitiligo disease more than anything else. The type of sunscreen to use can be suggested by a dermatologist who has better knowledge about skincare and skincare products. UVB Light phototherapy The best option to cure vitiligo or white spots is by allowing them to get in touch with ultraviolet B lamps that you can use at the convenient of your home also. If a person wants to get this treatment from the clinic then they will have to visit the clinic twice or thrice a week that will increase the treatment period. UVB therapy can also be done in the hospital at a larger level in case the patient has developed larger areas of white spots on his whole body. UVB treatment will cure this problem to some extent but it is not completely capable of cure the skin pigmentation. UVA Light Phototherapy UVA light treatment is only done in hospitals or advanced clinics where all instruments are available that are needed for the process. In this treatment some sort of medication is given to the patient that increase the skin sensitivity for Ultra Violet A rays then the affected areas or the white spots are exposed to the UVA light in different doses. This treatment is also longer but you can see the effects on the skin after 6 months. Topical Corticosteroids for skin camouflage Skin camouflage means that the patient can cover the affected areas with some creams and makeup according to the colour tone of their actual skin. The topical corticosteroid can stop the white patches from spreading more and some of them are also capable of restoring the original colour of your skin. Creams can be used on the face but corticosteroid is not meant for use on facial skin. This treatment works differently where if you see improvement then you should stop using it and after a few weeks again start this. Depigmentation If a person develops the white patches on 50% of the body then the best solution is to use depigmentation in which the unaffected skin area is targeted. In this treatment, the skin, that is not affected by vitiligo or white spots, is made lighter in colour to match the affected area of the skin. This treatment is most probably permanent but this leaves your skin more fragile that can be harmed by the sunlight if exposed longer to the sun. These are few of the white spot removal treatments that can work for you. You can also go for Ayurveda for the treatment of this disease where you will find the side effect free treatments with better results.


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